Rooted Family Wellness

We are so very excited to finally launch this to our amazing community! If you’ve been following along you know this has been in the works for some time. There has been a lot of behind-the-scenes work being done to bring it to fruition and we are so excited!

At Rooted Family Wellness our mission is to join with you in your health journey and provide a non-traditional healthcare approach. We know and believe God made our bodies to heal itself. We are here to empower you while walking beside your family to achieve your personal goals. We are rooted and established in His Love above all else.

As a member of Rooted Family Wellness, your family will receive quality holistic healthcare. Your family will be welcomed regardless of where you are at in your holistic journey or the choices made for your family.

Wild Roots Wellness
Wild Roots Wellness

All members will have access to a HIPPA-compliant patient portal for communication with your practitioner. As well as the ability to easily fill out paperwork online.

Members will SOON also have the ability to get discounted wound care services and minor emergent type care.

“Then, by constantly using your faith, the life of Christ will be released deep inside you, and the resting place of his love will become the very source and root of your life.”

Eph 3:17

Rooted Family Wellness Membership

How it works

We utilize a membership plus fee-for-service model. This means that in addition to charging a fee for office visits, we also charge a nominal monthly fee and require that all patients be enrolled in the membership of our practice.
Our $30/month per person membership includes:

The ability to schedule appointments quickly and easily.

Communication with your practitioner via Klara (our HIPAA secure messaging system).

*If your message is too complicated to reply to in text or email, your provider will direct you to schedule an appointment to discuss it in person.*

The membership fee is:
Automatically drafted each month. We do not bill in advance for monthly service.
Our family capped rate at $120/month includes:

Two adults above the age of 18 and related children under 21 years of age. Children ages 21 and over will be counted as additional adults. Adult children who marry will be required to begin their own membership.

Additional adults may be added for $25/each at the discretion of the practice and are not included in the capped rate.

Family Enrollment/Establishing Care Appointment one-time fee of $95

0-2 Wellbaby Physicals (Yearly Package Price available upon request)

$60 per visit

Additional In-office Visit Fees

Acute Visit: $30

Annual/Sports/Well Physicals: $60

Frequently Asked Questions

The benefit of having a Membership is it gives you the ability to directly communicate with our practitioner via an online portal, you can schedule appointments quickly and easily online, and it makes the in-office visits be at a discounted rate. For example, an acute visit would cost a Member $30, and a non-member acute visit is $150.
Our hours of operation for chiropractic appointments are not changing at this time. Rooted Family Wellness operates on a different schedule. If you want to make an appointment just call us!