About Us

Our health is rooted in nature and it is through natural strategies that we focus on the restoration of health.

About Us

We have been formally known as Marathon Chiropractic for the past 10+ years. While this name has served us well, it doesn’t quite match where we are currently or where we see our practice or our service to the community in the future.

Here at Wild Roots Wellness, we are intentional about whole-body healing from within. We seek to care for our patients by seeking out ROOT causes of disease. We do this by incorporating many practices including chiropractic, nutrition, innovative testing protocols, and herbalism.

Our Team


Office Manager & Xray Technician


Assistant & Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Technician


Speech-Language Pathologist, Certified Myofunctional Therapist, Certified Breastfeeding Specialist & CFT Therapist


Owner of Sozo Thermography

We want to see your health flourish in a truly natural way. It is through and from the ‘roots’ where you find the vibrance of the fruit (heath).

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